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I cannot upload my images or create my personalised gift?
  • Please ensure that pop ups on your PC are not blocked
  • Please ensure that your cookies are enabled
  • Please ensure that javascript or active scripting is enabled (this is enabled by default)

I have already ordered my personalised gift and would like to re-order. Is this simple?
We have made it easy to re-order your personalised gift. Our system automatically detects if you have made a previous order within 120 days. You are given 2 choices to start your new gift from scratch or use your saved images. Using your saved images allows you to start from where you left off and of course you are free to change any of the images you wish. No images will be overwritten.

What images can I use when ordering online?

We accept all the most common formats - JPEG, GIF, BMP, & PNG.
Optimum image sizes are as follows:

  • A3 Calendar: 3508 pixels x 2480 pixels
  • A4 Calendar: 2480 pixels x 1748 pixels
  • A5 Calendar: 1748 pixels x 1240 pixels
  • A6 Calendar: 1374 pixels x 620 pixels

How long until I receive my order?

Despatch is normally within 7 working days.

How will I know when my order has been despatched?

Your order history is continually updated so that you can see its progress. The three stages are pending, printed & despatched, so you can log on at anytime to your account and see the status of your order. You will also receive email alerts advising you of status updates.

I am creating a calendar; can I change my start month?

Yes, it is easy to change the start month choose any month within a year.

Can I include captions on my calendar?

Yes, you can add month captions and special date captions and a range of preset dates such as bank holidays etc. The maximum number of special date captions is 50. Captions are available on A3 & A4 calendars. A5 & A6 calendars are too small for captions so we do not offer this service on this size.

Can I order my calendar by post?

Sorry, we no longer operate a postal ordering service, all orders must be placed through our website.

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